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SWOT analysis for Hygiene industry in India and global



Big Pie of Market is vacuum, High Population Age, of Nation, Improving Stage, Increasing GDP & PCI, Education, Health Awareness Brand oriented Industry, Rotation of % and Margin, Good Market Place, Dealing with Decent Line of Production, A new and/or innvative service, Capabilities or cost advantages in Exports, Cultural connection, Other Aspects that add value, superior location or geographic advantage.



Companies not able to generate cash flow, Short term Profit marking strategy, Lack of Raw Materail availability in India, High Investment in SKU'S and Raw Material, Market Tire pattern Distribution Cost, Transportation Cost, No one thinking of Tire - 2/3/4 and below market, Gestation time Retaining & Finding Skilled Labour, Timely Expansion, Absence of marketing plan, Gaps in capabilities or service areas Lagging in Upgraded - Technology, Management or staff problems, Own Known vulnerability, Poor location Geographic Barriers, Undifferentiated service lines.


Sanitary Pads

E-commerce Platform, Vacuum in Rural Market, can become Local Brand, Brand Store, a market vacated by a competitor, availability of new technology, changes in population profile or need, Competitor vulnerabilities, lack of dominant competition, new Market segment that offer improve profit, new vertical, horixontal, or niche markets



MNC Brand Domination, Choosing Right Technology, High investment with New Generation Techology, Lack of Understanding in Products Designing, High Penetration in Urban Market, Heavy Brand Building Cost, One machine many sizes, $ fluctuation as a buying Currency, a in your home market, adverse changes in reimbursement or regulations, changing insurance plans and/or contracts for major area employers, competitors have superior access to channels of distribution, economic shifts, loss of key staff or associates, new or increased competition, seasonality, shifts in market demand or referral sources.